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Psychonauts 2 showcases interns in latest dev video

Published: 12:39, 10 August 2021
Double Fine
Psychonauts 2 interns
Psychonauts 2 interns

Double Fine have dropped a brand new Psychonauts 2 video, showcasing the interns and their personalities. The dev team, including studio head Tim Schafer, also joined in to talk about the characters.

"In this first episode of "Basic Braining," a behind the scene peek at Psychonauts 2, we look at some of the new characters Raz will meet at Psychonauts HQ: his fellow members of the intern program!"

Psychonauts 2 developers are releasing a new video series titled Basic Training, which, as the name suggests, should give us a closer look at some of the game's features. In the first episode, Double Fine decided to focus on some of the new characters the main protagonist Raz will meet at Psychonauts HQ.

Raz starts his adventure at the lowest rank because he's coming in at the bottom of the intern program, Studio Head Tim Schafer explains. Some of them are nice and will treat Raz fair while others, well, let's just say they are not that nice.

Double Fine Norma is one of the interns in Psychonauts 2 Norma is one of the interns in Psychonauts 2

The team picked Norma and Lizzie as their choice for the meanest interns in the game. You can check out the embedded video above for a closer look at these new Psychonauts characters.

We have to say that the game looks great and the voice acting is absolutely top-notch, which, to be fair, is expected from Double Fine. Their storytelling, writing and dialogue are what made the studio great in the first place, in our honest opinion. 

Psychonauts 2 is set to launch August 25, 2021, for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. 

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