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PSN leaks Resident Evil 3 Remake art

Published: 22:04, 03 December 2019
Resident Evil 3 remake
Resident Evil 3 remake

Fans got to see the pictures of three key characters in Resident Evil 3 remake following a leak on PSN. Jill's new look split the community down the middle and will possibly be the most discussed topic leading up to the launch.

Resident Evil 3 Remake's leaked art features reworked main characters of the Raccoon City episode. Jill Valentine, Carlos Oliveira and Nemesis all received visual changes that left the fans debating whether it's for the better or worse.

Nemesis certainly still looks menacing but there seems to be a lot of emphasis on stretched facial features, rather than just being massive, which was previously the case with the '99 title. Furthermore, the don't show the massive stitch through the middle of his head and the teeth seem to be elongated, compared to the '99 version and subsequent crossover depictions.

Carlos Oliveira is now sporting a Rambo-like haircut and some facial hair, as opposed to being clean-shaven. It remains to be seen how fans receive these changes.

However, many fans have already voiced their opinions on Jill Valentine and those can be summed up in three large groups - those who like it, dislike it and the confused ones. 

Fans who dislike the new Jill are mostly wishing Capcom modelled the character after Julia Voth again. They don't entirely disagree with those who like the new look as both groups the new Jill reminds them of Daisy Ridley, Jennifer Lawrence, Mila Jovovich and even Natalie Portman.

Capcom Resident Evil 3 Remake Resident Evil 3 Remake

There is also a decent portion of the fan base that is not sure how to feel about Jill's new look. Capcom seems to have kept the iconic outfit and let's be honest, the new model looks good, but it's not what fans that played Resident Evil games over the years would come to expect.

Meanwhile, some of us would have loved Jill to be modelled after but the truth is that no matter how hard you try, there is no way to satisfy everyone.

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