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PS4, Xbox One and Switch hit record sales in May 2018

Published: 15:24, 21 June 2018
Updated: 15:37, 21 June 2018
Collage of PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch
PS4, Xbox One, Switch

Beancounters at NPD have looked into their crystal ball and found that Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have had a month to remember in the US, after the three broke their respective records on the current generation, even if Sony is winning.

Sony's PlayStation 4 was the leader of the console pack in terms of US sales, although it is quite interesting to see both PS4 and Xbox One smashing their own milestones so close to the end of their cycle.

It goes without saying that Xbox One has a lot more to be happy about, because Sony is a regular headliner on these lists. In fact, Xbox One's best May sales were back in 2015, which says enough about where Microsoft's console is at compared to its competitors.

The Switch's best, and until recently the only May, was in 2017, which was only three months into its lifecycle. Interestingly, when it comes to single console or bundle sales, the Switch actually won May 2018 with its 32GB Neon system beating its competitors in both volume and income.

IHS Markit has already projected that the Switch will help Nintendo , and it is increasingly likely this will happen, unless Microsoft's E3 announcement of the new Xbox magically materialises by end of 2018. Having already been crowned the all-time in the first year from launch though, Nintendo's giant little life saver marches on.

The PS4's best May may have been back in 2016 but the Sony have already torn though April 2018, with the PS4 Pro 1TB Limited Edition God of War becoming the best selling piece of hardware along with Kratos, whose records are almost . Also, might I suggest a longer name for the bundle, because that one just doesn't cut it.

Sony Picture of PlayStation 4 Pro designed to resemble Kratos' runic axe from the new God of War. PlayStation 4 Pro - God of War edition

With the next generation of consoles slowly starting to peek over the horizon, it'll be interesting to see whether any of the three have enough juice to smash a few more records. Obviously though, it's been a great month for gaming, so I guess the gamer isn't dead yet.

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