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Microsoft and Nintendo fire shots at Sony in Minecraft trailer

Published: 19:37, 22 June 2018
Updated: 19:56, 22 June 2018
Microsoft and Nintendo's splash screen for Minecraft crossplay
Nintosoft pals

Microsoft and Nintendo's PR machines haven't wasted any time capitalising on the entire ruckus raised over Sony's insistence on selective crossplay for Fortnite, with the new Minecraft trailer milking the controversy for all its worth.

As you could've guessed, the trailer is of Nintendo's doing and Microsoft couldn't pass up on the chance to float their own boat, at the expense of Sony of course. Naturally, there's no mention of PlayStation's parent company in the trailer, but there doesn't have to be because we all know what's up.

The trailer shows a girl and a boy playing Minecraft and obviously having a blast. Personally, this may be the only genuinely honest part of the trailer, because Minecraft is a blast. I've disregarded the part where they obviously targeted wide demographics because this news piece can handle only handle so much sleaziness.

Create, explore and survive together, says the trailer, while the ending has a big "better together" sign. It's a bit ambiguous this one, because we're not entirely sure they were referring to players, regardless of what anyone may say.

Now, let me get one thing clear - Sony's handling of made them even more shady in my book than they already are. It's most certainly not the way to go since a company, or part of it, whose livelihood are games, should not prioritise a platform over games, regardless of whose it may be.

Having said that, Nintendo and Microsoft are coming off as they were always the bee's knees, forgetting that their own transgressions are too many to count. The fact that PlayStation 4 is like a bucket surely didn't help with the bitterness.

Mojang A huge Mario statue build in Minecraft, complete with his red and blue plumber suit. Minecraft

Microsoft's Phil Spencer said Sony's move doesn't help consumers, which is right on the money, until you realise that Microsoft charges for playing Fortnite, a free to play game. Their insistence on keeping Sea of Thieves a Windows 10 exclusive sure ain't helping consumers either, so I honestly don't know what Phil is talking about.

Nintendo has traditionally been one of the most closed off platforms, which even the developers complained about and if there hadn't been for their financial troubles, they'd be worse than Sony by now.

Either way, I'm really glad that Minecraft players can indulge in crossplay between the two platforms, I really am. What I won't do however is act like a goldfish and eat up whatever fallacy Shmuckrosoft and Nintendon't launch my way.

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