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PS Plus March 2020 games revealed in new leak

Published: 12:32, 26 February 2020
A huge stone creature from the game Shadow of Colossus holding a hammer
Shadow of the Colossus (2018): It's all in your head, man.

Shadow of the Colossus and Sonic Forces are the two PS Plus titles for March 2020, according to the latest leak on a Polish gaming site, where an ad has been listed, displaying both titles.

Sony is set to reveal the PlayStation Plus lineup for March 2020 later today but it looks like both free titles have been  leaked a bit earlier. Over at a Polish gaming website, a PlayStation Plus add appeared, displaying the two freebies for the month of March.

The two games are Sony's action-adventure Shadow of the Colossus and Sega's platformer Sonic Forces. If the leak is indeed legit, these two games should be available for download from 03 March 2020.

As you may know, Bluepoint's remake of one of the most iconic games on PlayStation 2 is now one of the best games on PlayStation 4 at the moment. If you are yet to play it, this is a perfect opportunity to grab it free of charge and dive into the game's scenic world.

On the other hand, Sonic Forces is not quite the best platformer you can play at the moment but since it is free, give it a go, you may end up liking it. Also, it comes just a couple of days after the release of Sonic film, so it is a perfect opportunity to set yourself in a proper Sonic mood.

PlayStation Plus is Sony's subscription service that is required for online multiplayer but it also comes with a couple of neat features. You get an extra discount on all purchases and two free games each month. It is currently available for $59.99 per year.

PlayStation 4 Glacier White

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PlayStation 4 Glacier White - Set
PlayStation 4 Glacier White

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