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PlayStation Plus January Lineup

Published: 19:10, 29 December 2016
Updated: 19:15, 29 December 2016
PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus kicks of 2017 with a list of indie titles

The PlayStation brand cultivated a reputation of superior hardware and raw power over the last two console generations and continues to reinforce that impression with the PlayStation 4 Pro. It comes as a surprise to see Sony deliver more and more indie titles as free games in its PlayStation Plus free game lineup.

  • Day of The Tentacle Remastered
  • This War of Mine: The Little Ones
  • Blazerush
  • The Swindle
  • Azkend 2
  • Titan Souls

While the January list does contain critically acclaimed titles and classics, not a single one of these games can be called AAA or claim to be utilising the PlayStation 4's hardware to its full extent. Another matter that forces itself to the foreground is how PlayStation Plus yearly subscriptions will fare for 2017 with this obvious shift in policy.

Would you like to know more? Well, AltChar's very own SubReal has on the matter:

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