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First Project Resistance gameplay video is officially here

Published: 07:15, 12 September 2019
project resistance screenshot showing female character shooting at zombie
Project Resistance

On Tokyo Game Show 2019, Capcom have released the first gameplay footage for their new Resident Evil game which is officially dubbed Project Resistance. The video shows off escape room elements with four survivors and one mastermind.

Even though Capcom previously mentioned that Project Resistance gameplay footage on Tokyo Game Show 2019 will be available only to some residents of Japan who previously registered for a chance to see the game in action, today, the publisher have released the first gameplay to all players worldwide.

New Resident Evil game, which is officially dubbed Project Resistance was teased last week before the debut at TGS but Capcom have decided to shed more light on the project and show what the game is actually about since its a lot different from the standard Resident Evil experience.

If you, like many others, expected and hoped for a successor or reboot to Resident Evil Outbreak, you'll be disappointed to hear that it's not quite that. However, it looks pretty interesting and similar to Dead By Daylight. 

In the gameplay, four survivors are working together to escape an Umbrella facility. They are equipped with several weapons including shotguns and baseball bats. Of course, many zombies, monsters and other creatures are roaming the hallways and rooms but these aren't put there randomly. Instead, there is another player who takes the role of Mastermind, who uses some sort of in-game cards to change the surroundings, spawn creatures, lay traps and obstacles to prevent survivors from escaping the facility.

Furthermore, the Mastermind player can take control of zombies and attack survivors directly and even play as the notorious tyrant, Mr X. As for the survivors, each has unique skills and there are four classes - healer, damage dealer, hacker and tank. At the moment, it is unknown if Capcom plan to add more characters.

Capcom screenshot of project resistance showing mr x and four characters with weapons Project Resistance

Capcom also confirmed that players can which is scheduled to run from 04 October to 07 October 2019. Project Resistance is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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