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Prince of Persia 6 domain may not belong to Ubisoft after all

Published: 12:19, 17 May 2020
Prince of Persia Artwork
A masterpiece lost in time

The rumours about the supposed new Prince of Persia game and its domain that have been going around lately might not be entirely true, a Czech news outlet claims. And so far - all the clues point to them being correct.

With the recent hype over the rumours that a new Prince of Persia game is in the works, the fans have been searching for clues on what the new game might be and when it was going to be announced.

Something that helped spread spread the rumours like wildfire is the supposed registration of the web domain “”, by Ubisoft. Fans have been tirelessly visiting the web page, hoping to find out more about their beloved franchise's newest installment. 

But sadly, things might not be the way they seem, as a reddit user named hergiy pointed out in his post. A Czech news outlet published an article in which they state “When we look at today, two weeks after its founding, we only see a link to buy the domain, which has received a lot of traffic in recent days and people are still searching for it on Google. This will certainly not be Ubisoft's work.”

The original text is written in Czech of course, but we were able to translate it using Google Translate.

The claims above appear to be true because, when visiting the aforementioned website , we are met with a big “FOR SALE” at the top of the page and a screenshot of the number of search results the domain has had since its registration with the caption “This domain is shared on social networks and news websites worldwide in few days and has ~15.000 results on Google.”

Ubisoft Prince of Persia The forgotten sands screenshot A reminder of how the forgotten sands looked

This appears to be a privately-owned domain, not registered by Ubisoft, that was most likely created on the back of the newfound hype the rumours have created for the game.

With no official word from Ubisoft as of yet, fans are still left asking the question: was this just a get-rich-quick scheme or is there really hope that the beloved franchise will finally get the revival it deserves?

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