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Pokemon Unite is a MOBA and fans don't seem to be happy about it

Published: 10:55, 25 June 2020
Pokemon Unite
Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Company announced that the hotly anticipated new game would be Pokemon Unite, a 5v5 MOBA. While some are happy to get a new game, others are disappointed with the genre.

When a new Pokemon game was due for an announcement, fans of the franchise hoped for another adventure or RPG where they could live out the fantasy of finding their companions, training them and becoming the best trainer around. Therefore, when a Pokemon MOBA game was announced, it was only natural some were disillusioned.

After all, one of the three features we mentioned will be straight up missing while the other two are watered down. All the Pokemon will be there at selection screen as opposed to catching them while training a Pokemon will not be a permanent fruit of labour but a repetitive activity, match in, match out.

It didn't take long for the official announcement to start gathering negative feedback. The one on Twitter is filled with comments expressing the fans' disappointment. One of the most liked comments is where the fans are lamenting the  lack of Gen 4 remakes and getting a Pokemon version of League of Legends.

Other memes were more explicit while some fans were too annoyed to even bother making them and we straight to venting after being given the opposite of what they wanted .

It's not only Twitter rage either. The YouTube trailer above has an abysmal like to dislike ratio and the comments section is filled to the brim with people who are disappointed or even mad about the decision to go down the MOBA road.

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