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Pokemon GO leaks three new lures - Glacial, Magnetic and Mossy

Published: 15:00, 08 May 2019
Eevee, a brown and beige Pokemon with long ears
Pokemon GO - Lunar New Year event, Eevee

Pokemon GO leakster Chrales has posted his latest data mining findings and it looks like Niantic's game is getting three new Lure Modules - Glacial, Magnetic and Mossy, which basically means Glaceon, Leafeon, Magnezone and Probopass.

According to the leak, a Glacial Lure Module is a frosty Lure Module that attracts Pokemon for 30 minutes, "especially the ones that love the cold".

Other than attracting Ice type-Pokemon, a Glacial Lure Module "causes some Pokemon to evolve", which is where Eevee's Ice evolution, Glaceon, comes in.

Magnetic Lure Modules are electronic Lure Modules that attract Pokemon for 30 minutes, "especially the ones that possess a magnetic field".

We're talking about Electric-type Pokemon of course, and Magnemite and Nosepass' final evolutions Magnezone and Probopass.

Finally, we've got Mossy Lure Modules, which do the same thing except they attract Pokemon that "love mossy scents", i.e. Grass-type Pokemon, so we're looking at Eevee's Grass evolution, Leafeon.

Now, Chrales has dug up this info in Pokemon GO's latest update, but it's not clear when it will be live. However, trainers have every reason to be excited as this is the first time Niantic have refreshed this mechanic since launch.

Until Niantic launch it, however, you won't be lacking tasks as event has started, which means that the Pokemon featured in the movie will be appearing in raids and in the wild, until Friday, 17 May 2019 at 1pm PDT (GMT -7).

Come 19 May 2019, Niantic will be holding its May Community Day event, starring Fire-type Pokemon , so fans, as well as us, will be hoping that this is when we see the new lures introduced to the game, although this is more hope than expectation.

Niantic detective pikachu artwork showing a man on a building with pikachu on his shoulder Detective Pikachu

Niantic have recently revealed that their annually held Earth Day event resulted in cleaned up by dedicated trainers across the world, which is as unique an event in gaming as Pokemon GO is.

You can find Chrales' leak on his Twitter page .

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Pokemon GO - Castform
Pokemon Go Legendary Pokemon

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