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PlayStation Now adds PS4 and PS2 downloads for offline play

Published: 11:05, 21 September 2018
Slide showing PS Now's offline playing feature on PS4 consoles
God of War Remastered via PS Now

Sony have announced that their PlayStation Now game streaming service will be getting an option for downloading of PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 4 titles to play offline, just in case your streaming speeds are not up to scratch for playing.

As of today, almost the entire PlayStation 4 catalogue is available for download and offline play. Sony pointed out that this includes the likes of Bloodborne, God of War 3 Remastered, NBA 2K16 and Until Dawn, although it's unclear whether "almost all" actually means that some PS4 games will not be supported.

The entire catalogue of PlayStation 2 games that have been remastered for PS4 will be available as well, although adding it will apparently take some time. Sony said that they'll be gradually rolling that feature out so be sure to occasionally check back if you don't see it yet.

The games downloaded via PS Now wil have all the DLC, microtransactions and addons you may have purchased, including PS4 Pro enhancements. Note that online multiplayer on PS Now does not require PS Plus membership, but downloading games via the service will still require occasional connecting to the internet, so Sony can verify your PS Now subscription.

Additionally, PS Plus membership will allow you to transfer save files from PS Now to your console. All you need to do is chuck the save from PS Now to PS Plus cloud storage and then proceed to download it on your console.

Interestingly, PlayStation 3 games will not be part of the offer, the reason for which is that they're not compatible to run natively on its big brother. This has been confirmed by Sony themselves and while not exactly a game-breaker, some users are likely to find it disappointing. Oh well.

FromSoftware Bloodborne promotional image showing the game's protagonist in a black leather coat in the dark city streets. Bloodborne

PS Now's offline downloading feature is expected to be fully up and running in the following few days for "almost all" PS4 titles, while PS2  games will be added gradually.

You can find Sony's official announcement of PS Now's new feature , where you can also find detailed instructions on transferring your saves.

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