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Rumour has it more PS4 exclusives are coming to PC, including God of War

Published: 06:58, 06 June 2020
Kratos and his son Atreus in a cave
God of War - Atreus can hold his own with enemies, but works best in tandem with Kratos

It looks like Sony plan to release several PS4 exclusives on PC. God of War and Bend Studio's zombie survival Days Gone are some of the titles that could be coming to PC, along with the already rumoured Bloodborne.

The last couple of days have been jam-packed with rumours about PlayStation exclusives making a switch to PC very soon. First, we got another source confirming the earlier rumours about Bloodborne on PC and also sharing a couple of new details about the game, which is apparently coming in a remastered version to PS5 too.

Shortly after that, we got a similar report about Bloodborne, which claims that the game is being made by Bluepoint Games and QLOC Studio. The latter is also the developer behind Dark Souls Remastered version. 

The same source also mentions in his video that Bloodborne is not the only PC port that will be coming in the future while showing an image that includes a list of biggest PlayStation 4 exclusives. 

These titles are Days Gone, which was already rumoured for a PC port, God of War, another major Sony exclusive, The Last of Us, Spider-Man, Uncharted The Lost Legacy, Gran Turismo and two other titles that we already know of - Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding.

Sony Spider-man taking a selfie on top of a tower Spider-man

Of course, this sounds too good to be true at this moment so you should take it with a grain of salt especially since these are just rumours and not confirmed information.

We will probably know more about this on the upcoming Sony PS5 event, which is just around the corner now.

God of War, Sony's PlayStation 4 exclusive masterpiece

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God of War

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