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Players petition Amazon for a developer live stream run of New World

Published: 01:00, 12 December 2021
Amazon Game Studios
New World will take some preparing in advance
New World will take some preparing in advance

When the whole community is asking themselves where the developers are taking their game, you get a petition for said developers to live stream a playthrough of one of the most controversial runs in the game, Myrkguard.

New World players have taken it upon themselves to try and force the developers to experience the game live in front of the community, and make them realize that the player complaints are more than just delusions.

As the developers have tried to gaslight players into thinking that they are bad at the game, or not playing as intended and that the in-game content is balanced, a petition has been started on the forums for a developer stream.

"Petition for NW Devs/Staff to live stream doing a Myrkguard chest and portal run. As either a 5 man or 10 man group. Starting at the west gate and ending at the east gate. Rules are simple, they can have an average GS between 550-580. They must kill all mobs on the way that’s including Commanders Bears and Brutes. It must be on a Live environment build. Not a dev build. Optional make it a charity event so it becomes a worthwhile cause."

Amazon Games New World screenshot showing a fight New World

As of now, there has been no official response from Amazon Game Studios, but the petition is getting a lot of traction amongst the community, both on the forums and the subreddit. Hopefully, it will reach the developers, and their response, positive or negative, will tell us all we need to know about the state of the game and the direction it is heading along.

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