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Playdead's Limbo and Inside are coming to Nintendo Switch

Published: 18:33, 20 June 2018
Poster image of Limbo in all of its depressive looking glory

Playdead will be bringing their critically acclaimed games Limbo and Inside to Nintendo Switch on 28 June 2018. This was initially announced on Japanese site Famitsu but it was also confirmed on Playdead's Twitter a little later today.

Limbo took the world by surprise, but a positive one back in 2011 when curious players entered the game's dark, slightly depressive but also beautiful 2D world. This platformer riddled with puzzles only kept conquering the hearts of players throughout the years, just as the 93 per cent positive review score on Steam suggests.

The game's story is somewhat minimalistic and revolves around a boy who awakens at the edge of hell and proceeds going through a forest and a dilapidated city while looking for his sister. It is worth noting that the game does feature some disturbing content, such as dead children, so while it looks innocent on the surface the game is not recommended for the faint of heart.

Limbo's surprise success built up huge expectations for a possible sequel or at least whatever game came next from Playdead. Inside managed to meet and apparently exceed the hyped up expectations since it was received even better than Limbo. Players on Steam offered 15.118 reviews at the time of writing, with 95 per cent of them being positive.

Inside came five years after Limbo and offered a slightly different kind of experience, no longer being monochromatic but still rather dark. This game didn't lack disturbing elements either, which once again turned out to be one of the game's actual qualities since these elements gave us that eery feeling and overall dark experience.

Unlike Limbo, Inside offered slightly more interaction as the protagonist manages to interact with a few beings that don't want to kill him. It also has an alternate ending but it remains open-ended in both cases.

Playdead Screenshot from Inside showing the protagonist hiding from a robot Inside

Judging by , fans took the news with great appreciation with some asking whether pre-orders will be available even though the games will be arriving in eight days. 

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