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Inside is on its way to the Switch

Published: 21:51, 25 September 2017

Playdead's critically acclaimed successor to Limbo is on its way to the Nintendo Switch. Inside is currently being ported to the console and there is no word yet as to when the title will be arriving on Nintendo's hybrid handheld.

Nindendo's gambit of delivering gimmicky but underpowered gaming systems has the major drawback of leaving the company somewhat unable to deliver games that demand more of a console's hardware. Lucky for Nintendo, there are more than enough critically acclaimed indie titles to port over to the Switch, while Nintendo is busy cranking out another Mario, another Zelda, another Metroid etc.

Playdead Inside Inside

World of Goo, The Binding of Isaac and Minecraft are already playable on the system, and Stardew Valley is on its way. Playdead's Inside will soon be added to that list as well.

Some brave soul has translated an announcement from , claiming that the port is in development and our own meticulous translation work with the aid of Google Translate and some intense copy/pasting has all but confirmed that the indie hit is coming to the Switch.

Playdead Inside Inside

This also makes the arrival of Limbo on the system a distinct possibility, but the odds of that game making the transition to Nintendo's console are probably strongly tied to Inside's sales performance on the Switch, in Japan as well as outside of it.

Anyone not in the possession of a Switch or the patience to wait for the port can have a look at Inside on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for just under £20.


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