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Planet Zoo just got a fresh DLC in the form of the South America Pack

Published: 12:18, 07 April 2020
Frontier Developments
Planet Zoo
Planet Zoo

Planet Zoo's latest DLC pack introduced new animals and more than 250 new building, scenery, and foliage pieces. The game also received a free content update which brought a new Genealogy tab, additional difficulty settings and more.

Frontier Developments have launched the second PDLC for Planet Zoo today. The game's PDLC titled The South America Pack is now available on Steam and will set you back £7.99 / €9.99 / $9.99.

Planet Zoo's PDLC will provide a lush tropical environment in which you'll be able to make your own slice of jungle utopia. The South America Pack brings five new animals, and over 250 new building, scenery, and foliage pieces to choose from.

The South America Pack 

The latest DLC for Planet Zoo has brought the following animals to the mix:

  • Jaguar
  • Capuchin Monkey
  • Giant Anteater
  • Red-Eyed Tree Frog
  • Llama

Each creature brings with it its own set of needs which the players will have to balance out with their conservation efforts. The players will also have to research new facilities and enrichment items to ensure a healthy, genetically diverse zoo.

Planet Zoo: South America Pack offers up a chance to build an impressive jungle trek with lost civilization architecture. You can also use bamboo and thatched pieces to create unusual structures or let nature run wild and do its thing with fresh foliage.

Planet Zoo got a free content update that brought a new Genealogy tab, additional difficulty settings, research sharing, new foliage and enrichment items, and a range of fixes and improvements.

The Planet Zoo: South America pack requires the Planet Zoo base game in order to download and play. Planet Zoo is available now on Steam for £34.99 / $44.99 / €44.99.

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