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People are already playing meme songs on Overwatch's pianos

Published: 16:29, 31 January 2019
Picture of the Paris map from Overwatch
Overwatch - Paris

Blizzard have barely managed to put the new map, Paris, into Overwatch's PTR server and people are already coming out of the woodwork with their creativity. They saw the usable piano and are now playing meme and regular popular songs.

D.Va is known in Overwatch universe for being a talented former esports champion, but it appears some players excel at playing the piano with her as well. By this, we don't mean spraying infinite bullets from her MEKA, but rather playing the fine tunes of Megalovania from Undertale, in her "baby D.Va" form. The is short as it is an early attempt, but the player in question definitely hit the right notes.

Not all performances require a fast firing weapon though, as a Mercy player their talent by playing the Tetris theme song on the piano as well. This is one of the longer performances, so it was helpful that Mercy's gun had infinite ammunition and didn't require a reload so the tune was not interrupted at any point, barring the yelling of Hanzo and another Mercy who used their ults. You can listen to the same player's and without those pesky ult sounds.

Meanwhile, Soldier 76, Widowmaker and Bastion proved to be the right choices for several meme song recreations, such as The Living Tombstone's Overwatch-themed song No Mercy, Brass by Dirty Rush & Gregor Es and the Crab Rave by Noisestorm.

These recreations seem to have taken the most time and effort, due to note overlays. No Mercy and Crab Rave had three overlays, while Brass had two. You can check out the rather spectacular results in the video embedded just below this paragraph.

Overwatch's community is often seen as a toxic one, due to the game's inherent competitive factor, but artistic expression definitely helps shine a new light on it. While these examples are only the early experiments as Blizzard only recently, more talented individuals are bound to pop up in the future.



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Overwatch - Oasis

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