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Pete Hines explains why Fallout 76 won't have any vehicles

Published: 10:40, 14 November 2018

In a recent interview, Bethesda's Pete Hines has revealed why the company decided against throwing in vehicles into the Fallout 76 fray, claiming that they aimed for immersive storytelling where players experience the in-game world in full.

"The problem with vehicles is you go flying past all the cool stuff to find", Hines said, arguing that scavenging and wandering around is half the fun. He thinks that letting "players just zip by" would take away from the immersion factor, something which Bethesda are reluctant to allow.

There are plenty of Fallout 76 points of interest you'll only be able to discover on foot, an extension of Bethesda's immersive storytelling we guess. Granted, the game's beta, or Break-it Early Test Application as the company insists on calling it, didn't really show much in this respect but there's still time for the company to change our minds. 

Hines insists that some of Fallout 76's points of interest aren't even highlighted on the map, although he is just referring to player camps in this specific case. "With 23 other players on the map, each of them has the ability to build camps and those become points of interest of their own", he added.

Fast travel will, of course, be an option but only once you've discovered these locations on foot, which leaves plenty of room for Bethesda's immersion strategies. "You'll jump some amount of that if you don't want to walk back by fast travelling to Vault 76 or other places and walking from there", Hines said.

All in all, Hines seems quite enthusiastic for players to experience the game to the minute detail, most probably the detail that Todd Howard referred to when he said Fallout 76 sports 16 times the detail of its predecessor. We're still trying to figure out exactly what predecessor he spoke of.

Bethesda Picture showing charachter from Fallout 76 fixing his PC Fallout 76

Bethesda posted a to Fallout 76's fans recently, thanking them for the support and announcing exact launch times. If you're a fan and looking to buy it, you may want to stay away from the since it doesn't come with the game. Amazing marketing, really. 

You can find Pete's interview .

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