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Fallout 76 get another Bethesda letter and global launch times

Picture of a female character shooting a frog in Fallout 76
Fallout 76

Bethesda have released another open letter for fans and revealed the exact launch hours globally. The letter mostly gives credits to whoever backed the Fallout 76 project and shines some light on the list of planned post-launch content.

Bethesda started their open letter by stating it was a "privilege and passion to build games" that transport players into new worlds and new experiences. According to their opinion, Bethesda have "woven together parts" of their previous Fallout titles with survival genre and massive online games in order to "create something unique".

Someone may have forgotten to employ the sowing needles labeled depth, polish and RPG elements, as this "unique" game really looks a lot like Rust with nukes, more bugs and power armour at the moment. They then proceeded to thank each and every organisation and soul that had their hand in creation of Fallout 76, with special thanks extended to players who participated in the beta.

According to the letter, the updates Bethesda rolled out due to player feedback were only the beginning, mentioning several post launch plans in the process. There are more mentions of expanding story and quests, character respec that was previously denied by Pete Hines, faction PvP and more that you can read on our article focusing on the post launch content.

Meanwhile, the company also revealed the exact launch times for just about every time zone globally. Technically, some players in American time zones will get the game on 13 November, European players on 14 November and Asian ones on 15 November 2018, but the starting times will be just about the same for everyone, due to time zone differences.

BethesdaPicture of a female character shooting a frog in Fallout 76Fallout 76

West Coast players will get access to the game at 09:01 AM PST, East Coast at 12:01 EST while European players will be able to play after 12:01 AM UTC or CEST. Eastern Asia will be granted access at 12:01 CST or JST, depending on which time zone they belong to. You can see the full schedule here.