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People Can Fly and Square Enix working on a brand new AAA title

Published: 13:24, 01 June 2017
Updated: 16:28, 19 September 2018
Square Enix
Square Enix

Square Enix and People Can Fly came together to develop an original title for PC and console. The project's name and pretty much everything else about it is still unknown. The game will not be featured in Square Enix’s E3 2017 lineup.

Square Enix, the people who brought you Final Fantasy and Tomb Rider joined forces with People Can Fly. The latter is a Warsaw-based studio that developed Bulletstorm, and co-developed Gears of War: Judgment. The two have come together to develop a "new high-end original title for console and PC". If the announcement is telling the truth, that is. Now, I'm not calling anyone a liar, but I've been burnt before.

Studio heads from both companies gave statements:

“We’re massively excited to be working with the talented team at PCF in Warsaw, a studio filled with people who really know their craft,” said Lee Singleton, Head of Studio at Square Enix London Studios. “We’re building a game we all want to play which will be the perfect addition to our portfolio.”

People Can Fly People Can Fly People Can Fly

“It’s an exciting time,” said Sebastian Wojciechowski, Studio Head at People Can Fly. “We’ve got a great and experienced team in place, and it’s incredible to be working with Square Enix, a world-class publisher who shares our passion and excitement for the project.”

The enthusiasm is contagious. Let me just kill your hopes and dreams right now, the game will not be featured in Square Enix’s E3 2017 lineup. In other news, People Can Fly is hiring. So, if you are a Gameplay Programmer, an AI Programmer, or a VFX Artist, check out the available positions . Seriously, there is a slew of them.

Still no idea what kind of game the duo is working on, but I'm sure more news will surface very soon. Until they do: Which games by Square Enix or People Can Fly have you played? 

I gave Tomb Raider a shot back in the day, and Life Is Strange is waiting for me at home right now.

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