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PCS5 Europe Grand Finals will kick off on September 18

Published: 11:06, 17 September 2021
PCS5 Pick em Challenge
PCS5 Pick em Challenge

PCS5 Europe Grand Finals are starting up tomorrow, September 18, 2021. The fans can, once again, enjoy the Pick'em Challenge and earn in-game rewards.

Mark your calendars and order the food: PCS5 Europe Grand Finals will take place from September 18 until October 3, 2021. The event will see sixteen teams from all over Europe go head to head (times four) trying to take home the biggest chunk of the $250,000+ regional prize pool.

PUBG Continental Series represents the teams' final chance to rake in those sweet PGC Points that will help them secure their place at the upcoming PUBG Global Championship in Korea, set to kick off in November. The winning PCS5 Europe roster will automatically qualify for the event.

PCS5 Pick'em Challenge details

It's back and it gives fans the chance to walk away with some in-game rewards in exchange for a bit of clairvoyance and a correct prediction of each regional tournament's outcome.

The PCS5 Pick’em Challenge consists of two distinct events: "Pick The Winner" and "Team Face-Off". Both will run until September 30.

Similar to the previous Pick‘em Challenges, fans need voting coupons to "vote" on the outcome they think is most likely. Voting coupons can be obtained by purchasing thematic PCS5 items or by using "codes" that will appear during a PCS5 broadcast.

Players who vote and correctly predict the PCS5 Europe results will earn Esports Points (EP), which can be redeemed for additional in-game items. For the "Pick The Winner" event, participants can vote up to 7 times per region and will earn 100,000 EP per correct selection.

Pick'em Challenge sales (30 per cent) will be both equally distributed among teams and factor into the total prize pool.

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PCS5 Europe Grand Finals - teams

The following teams will compete at the Grand Finals:

Direct invites: BBL Esports, Digital Athletics, ENCE, FaZe Clan, Natus Vincere, Team Liquid and

Progressed from qualifiers: SuperMassive Blaze, Gear Up, Galakticos, Vanir, HEROIC, Hall of Game, Question Mark, Tokyo Manji Gang and EXhalatioN.

PCS5 Europe Grand Finals - schedule
  • September 18-19, matches from 18:00 CEST daily.
  • September 25-26, matches from 18:00 CEST daily.
  • October 2-3, matches from 18:00 CEST daily.
Where to watch PCS5 Europe Grand Finals

Fans can tune in live on Twitch and YouTube where they will be joined by our expert team of talent: Patrick ‘Frosz’ Lu, Lauren ‘pansy’ Scott, Richard ‘Simms’ Simms, Tobias ‘TheNameIsToby’ Wiinblad, Martin ‘Avnqr’ Gøth and James ‘Kaelaris’ Carrol.

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