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Path of Exile gets expansion 3.15 release window, more information soon

Published: 08:17, 08 June 2021
Grinding Gear Games
Path of Exile - Twilight Mystery Box
Path of Exile - Twilight Mystery Box

Grinding Gear Games announced when we can expect the next expansion to drop as well as their plans to reveal more about it and how to check it out.

Path of Exile expansion 3.15 is scheduled for release in mid-July 2021. While that is not an exact release date, it gives us a rather narrow window of time to look forward to.

Furthermore, the Ultimatum League is ending about five days before the expansion's release and GGG is aiming to announce the exact date on June 24, 2021.

The team will announce the expansion's content and other details through a live stream on the official Path of Exile Twitch channel , in a manner similar to the announcements tied to 3.14.

They also noted that expansion 3.15 will include a new league, rewards, game balance and additional changes. On top of that, the scope of the league here is apparently larger than with Ultimatum which is certainly something we can anticipate anxiously until June 24.

That said, you have about a month left to play it out in Ultimatum, before the league ends.

Some fans expressed their concerns about the content, hoping the game balance would be a bit better with 3.15 than it was in 3.14 but more importantly, the players are asking for better optimisation which is certain to be the focus point of many viewers on June 24.

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