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Paladins update adds Dragon's Call event, new skins, the Vault

Published: 14:36, 13 August 2018
Hi-Rez Studios
Hi-Rez Studios' latest skin for Paladins champion Furia

Hi-Rez Studios have rolled out the 1.4 update for their co-op shooter Paladins, adding a new 4v4 event dubbed the Dragon's Call, along with exclusive Dragon's Call skins, the Vault and a hefty mid-season balance pass on most champions.

As the Dragon's Call event story goes, both Paladins and Magistrate came to the shores of Warders' ancient homeland, where they're duking it out in teams of four. The way it works is teams are required to take the Warders' Key Sphere into the opponent's Vault four times in order to win.

Of course, there's a caveat, which is that the Sphere is "sapping you out of your strength upon touch", which means running and gunning is not really an option. Sphere carriers are visible to all enemies, cannot be healed and can only throw or drop it on the ground. If dead, the Sphere will drop on the spot whereas leaving it unattended for 10 seconds resets it to the middle.

Hi-Rez therefore advises that you stay close to the team and keep it moving among players, so as to minimise its negative effects. Paladins' new mode has a 15 minute time limit and if no team unlocks three seals before it ends, the winner is the team with most points. In case of a tied score, the last team to touch the Sphere is the winner.

Along with the mode came a bunch of Dragon's Call exclusive skins, which you'll be unlocking with the points earned unlocking seals. There's also a Dragon's Call Bundle that goes for 1200 crystals, which comes with a Vault key, Warder's loading frame, Pacify 3D spray, legendary title Dragon Baller and Ancient Idol, which doubles your seal progress.

It also comes with three epic skins - Sha Lin Outlaw, Moji Dragonborn and Khan Overlord. Note that these can be purchased for 600 crystals each and should you choose to upgrade tot he Dragon's Call Bundle, Hi-Rez will compensate you. As for the point system, you can check it out below.

Hi-Rez Studios The new Dragon's Call themed skin for Paladins' champion Sha Lin Paladins

  • 5 Points: 10,000 Gold
  • 10 Points: 20,000 Gold
  • 15 Points: 30,000 Gold
  • 20 Points: Tranquility, Inara MVP Pose
  • 25 Points: Dragon’s Gauntlet Spray
  • 30 Points: Flametongue Avatar
  • 35 Points: Serpentine, Kinessa MVP Pose
  • 40 Points: Punch Out, Ash Emote
  • 45 Points: Coldfire, Animated Spray
  • 50 Points: Snack Time, Animated Avatar
  • 55 Points: Show Stopper, Evie Roaming Emote
  • 60 Points: Skylord Seal Deathstamp

Hi-Rez say that the Vault is a special store that has past exclusive skins, with each skin costing one Vault key. Note that the Vault will be available for a limited time during special events.

Hi-Rez Studios The new Dragon's Call themed skin for Paladins' champion Moji Paladins

Most heroes have received slight and not so slight changes, including buffing Torvald's shield and the Induction card, increasing Seris' Restore Soul range and upping her max stacks from 8 to 15.

You can check out all the hero changes and bug fixes on Paladins' . You can check out the rest of the new skins in the gallery below.

Paladins, Hi-Rez Studios' mega popular co-op shooter

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