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Paladins Switch crossplays with Xbox One but not PlayStation 4

Published: 09:38, 08 June 2018
Updated: 12:32, 24 September 2018
Hi-Rez Studios
Splash art for Viktor in Hi-Rez Studios game Paladins

Sony have continued to snub the idea of crossplay between PlayStation 4 and just about any other gaming console, with Paladins for the Switch being the latest victim of the company's quest to keep hobbitses away from their precious.

The news came by way of Paladins' executive producer Chris Larson, better know on twitter as HirezChris. Shortly after news of started making the rounds, Chris confirmed the news, albeit listing only Xbox One among the supported devices .

Asked whether this means that PlayStation 4 players don't "exist", Chris replied, "Sony is not too keen on x-play." As much as we silently hoped that Sony will change their minds, we can't say we expected it will happen.

This is not the first time PlayStation 4 refused to play with others and even the current battle royale king Fortnite has had to comply with Sony's closed off policy. Epic Games were, by the way, quite passionate when it comes to making Fortnite accessible to everyone and playable against everyone, but PS4 is a tough nut to crack.

Sony is adamant that linking up with the likes of Xbox One or Switch is not in the company's best interest. At the same time, Phony are blatantly disregarding what would be in their players' best interest and despite the mind-baffling cries of agreement from the company's fanboys - you cannot in your right mind say that players wouldn't love it.

Seriously, just think about the rivalries. If Sony decided to give their blessing to the crossplay idea, maybe, just maybe, we'd see a dip in the frequency of forum threads ruined by triggered fanboys. Let's face it, not even PornHub is immune to PS4 vs. Xbox One debates.

Hi-Rez Studios Screenshot showing the Switch announcement of Paladins Paladins

Ultimately, Paladins will still boast crossplay with Xbox One, so we guess they can hate on PlayStation 4 together. It's pretty ironic though seeing Paladins kick up some serious dust and profit from something that Blizzard deemed too complicated and potentially disturbing to their oh-so-important update dynamic.

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