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Overwatch's Year of the Dog will have a four week competitive season for CTF

Published: 10:02, 07 February 2018
Updated: 14:23, 19 February 2018
Widowmaker in a Chinese style dress posing with her sniper rifle
Overwatch - Widowmaker Year of the Dog event

Overwatch's Year of the Dog event is going to have a map dedicated to the CTF game mode. The mode's rules have been somewhat revised and last year's draws will not be making a comeback. The CTF competitive season will reward the top 500 players with a special spray and a player icon.

Jeff form the Overwatch team sat down once again to talk to us about the upcoming Lunar New Year event. The Year of the Dog event will be the second of its kind for Overwatch and the developer update came one day before it's .

Jeff elaborated on the tweet that was sent out on 02 February 2018 saying that players will be getting an exclusive new map to run around in, as well as some new rules for the CTF game mode. Some heroes will be getting fresh Legendary skins and others will sport  new highlight intros.

Blizzard Overwatch - Legendary Mei skin Overwatch - Legendary Mei skin

The new map will take place in Thailand, and will be titled Ayutthaya. One side of the new map will be "ancient" and house a temple, as those ancient maps usually do. The other side of Ayutthaya will be "bright and beautiful and very modern". This should all work well together as it's the first map the team has developed specifically for Capture the Flag.

Capture the Flag has been introduced during the last year's Year of the Rooster celebrations, so the team went ahead and made some changes to the game. In addition to making a special map for it, this year's CTF will have some additional rule changes. 

They got rid of last year's draws, and added "sudden death" to the experience. The sudden death mechanic will put the two flags closer to each other if the teams are tied when the clock reaches zero.

Blizzard Overwatch's logo for the Year of the Dog event Overwatch - Year of the Dog event

The flag pick up rules have also gone through some revision and picking up the flag now happens instantly. However, if you use certain abilities that make your hero invulnerable or move very fast, the flag gets dropped. 

The Year of the Dog event will be available for four weeks. This will hopefully give you more time to try and crack the competitive's top 500. If you manage to do so, you'll be rewarded with a special spray and a player icon. 

Six legendary skins will be up for grabs during this Overwatch event. Two of the heroes Jeff teased are Mercy and Genji. He called them their least played heroes, and later revealed that the remark was supposed to bamboozle us. I'm sure everyone involved thought it to be a pinnacle of high brow comedy. Top shelf stuff. He's coming for me isn't he.

Overwatch's Year of the Dog event starts on 08 February 2018 and will run for four weeks.

Overwatch - new epic and legendary skins

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Overwatch - Epic Junkrat skin
Overwatch - new epic and legendary skins

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