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Overwatch's Triple Damage role queue and Mardi Gras event are about to start

Published: 18:54, 25 February 2020

Blizzard's Jeff Kaplan recently announced that a new experimental role queue would be available soon in Overwatch and it might bring a surprise along. It appears the surprise is Mardi Gras event and both should go live on 25 February 2020.

Blizzard's introduction of role queue is still controversial since those who didn't like playing with five DPS and one healer are now relieved while those who wish for more composition flexibility are not really fans of the forced 2-2-2 distribution in Overwatch.

Jeff Kaplan already talked about the problems of changing role queue distribution but it seems like the developers are trying to add them after all. Namely, Kaplan stated that the 1-3-2 role queue would be available on 25 February 2020 but also reiterated the worries that were first mentioned in January 2020.

Having only one support on the team meant that whoever rushes down the enemy support first, wins the entire thing easily while having just one tank would kick off-tanks like Zarya, D.Va and Roadhog into obscurity.

This is why the triple damage role queue will only be available in the experimental card for the time being while the regular and competitive matches will still adhere to the 2-2-2 distribution.

Furthermore, triple damage will keep two supports and it will be only one tank around in order to open more slots for damage dealers. The above-mentioned trio of off-tanks will get balance compensation that will make them more in line with main tanks so Rein, Sigma or Orisa don't make them completely useless. 

For example, Roadhog's vape will now cause a cloud of smoke that will mitigate damage of any nearby allies while still healing him. These balance changes will only apply in triple damage.

Meanwhile, the Mardi Gras event will not be a full-blown one like Anniversary, Archives or the seasonal events. However, it will have a challenge that will last for the entire week and the last win will award the Ashe skin that you can see above.

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