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Overwatch's support heroes getting a balance pass in next patch

Published: 14:23, 19 July 2018
Overwatch - Legendary Lucio skin
Overwatch - Legendary Lucio skin

Blizzard have announced a balance pass on five Overwatch heroes - Ana, Brigitte, Lucio, Mercy and Moira, in hope that the tweaks will keep all of the heroes competitive while easing up on some op stuff and boosting underpowered stats.

Geoff Goodman from the Overwatch team broke the news of the game's official forums and he also gave a lengthy explanation on each of the changes. Also, the changes will be made in the next patch.

Starting off with Ana, or more precisely her ultimate, Nano Boost will now heal the target for 300 health points. The dev thought that Nano Boost is a bit tricky to use effectively.

Combining Nano Boost with the Biotic Grenade, Overwatch's sniper healer is now capable of arguably the biggest burst heal in the game, coupled with the existing DPS boost.

Brigitte's Shield Bash is getting a tweak in the cooldown department, which will be increased from 6 to 7 seconds. Naturally, expect to still be bashed into oblivion on regular basis, just in slightly larger intervals.

It turns out that Brigitte has the highest win rate of all supports in Overwatch, albeit while delivering lowest amount of healing. However, the dev wanted to retain "that feeling of being difficult to take down."

Lucio will be getting buffs in two areas - a 20 per cent increase in Crossfade aura reach and a 50 per cent increase to his ultimate, the Sound Barrier, which will now grant allies 750 shields. The crossfade aura radius will be increased from 10m to 12m, giving Lucio some nice wiggle room.

As you can imagine, the new Sound Barrier will not only provide some sweet ult-negating capabilities, such as Junkrat's if timed correctly, it may cut some slack to Lucios who don't have as good a timing in other scenarios.

Mercy's healing beam will get a 17 per cent nerf and will now heal 50 HP/s instead of earlier 60. The Overwatch team are aware that Mercy's healing numbers are just ridiculous at times, so they're giving her a nudge in the useless direction. Not that the nerf is radical or anything but I'm sure the Blizz will get there.

Last but not the least is Moira, whose healing resource base regeneration rate will be upped by 20 per cent. The dev thinks that Moira is in a good place in regards to the rest of the Overwatch roster, albeit giving her some extra juice to use in more long range engagements.

Blizzard Moira experimenting on a lab rabbit Overwatch - Moira

You can find the balance pass notes on Overwatch's official forum .

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