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Overwatch's Summer Games are back with 50 new cosmetics

Published: 16:02, 10 August 2018
Poster for Overwatch's event Summer Games 2018
Overwatch, Summer Games 2018

Blizzard have kicked off Overwatch's Summer Games 2018 and the event lasts until the end of August 2018. There's a new Lucioball arena this time around and 50 new seasonal goodies, legendary skins included, as well as earlier summer gear.

In case you didn't participate in Overwatch's earlier Summer Games, you should know that its flagship mode is Lucioball, a 3 versus 3 mode that's basically Lucio meets Rocket League. There are three arenas this time around - Estadio Das Ras, Sydney Harbor Arena and the new Busan Stadium.

As for the new legendary skins, there are nine of them in total and I must admit Blizzard did a pretty good job. Cabana Ana is hands down the goofiest take on the sniper healstress I seem to recall and she looks so ridiculous that it's hard to resist.

Next up is Catcher, but not in the rye - Winston went full baseball and it suits him like a glove, badum-tss. Fastball Zenyatta may sport a similar do to Winston's but they're obviously on different teams. Not to mention the whole ape and robot thing.

Blizzard have rechristened Reinhardt into Gridironhardt in his new Overwatch garments and he's an American football player now. At this rate, I wouldn't put it beside him to run for governor of California sometime in the future.

While I'm not really sold on Roadhog being a Lacrosse man, I can't say that the skin doesn't suit him. Sombra comes in Mexicana flavour while Brigitte comes armoured up in Tre Kronor. The remaining two are Waveracer D.Va, a true summer take at the Korean gaming prodigy, and Eireannach Moira, which google says means Irish in Old Irish.

There's a bunch of new and old emotes and highlight intros, many of them coming in that summer sports flavour. In case you wish to see them all, you can hop on over to Overwatch's official website .

As we already said, the even lasts until the end of August 2018 so if you're not keen on splashing out real cash for the Summer Games 2018 skins, it's time to start grinding and blaming losses on trash teammates.

Overwatch, new skins exclusive to Summer Games 2018

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Catcher Winston

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