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Blizzard reveals upcoming social features for Overwatch

Published: 08:20, 06 June 2018
Updated: 12:24, 24 September 2018
Overwatch - Epic Symmetra skin
Overwatch - Epic Symmetra skin

Blizzard have announced the next round of changes to Overwatch, adding group search and endorsements to their shooter. There's the long awaited Symmetra overhaul as well, which is sure to appease both fans of the Indian reality bender.

We're kidding, we know Symmetra has way more fans but her viability tends to drop somewhat severely once you hit higher levels in Overwatch, so Blizzard wanted to make sure odds aren't as stacked up against her. Firstly, she is in the damage category, which combines current offence and defence categories.

The overhaul lets Symmetra throw turrets now and grants her regular access to the beam-me-up-Scotty. Her ultimate is a shield that covers the entire map now. Note that the changes are already on Overwatch's test server.

The first change to Overwatch's social component is called endorsements, where you rate players in three areas: sportsmanship, good teammate and shot caller. As you'd suggest, the criteria are being a good sport, working well in team settings and calling key shots while not being a douche about it.

These areas however need regular recognition to maintain your standing and if you're silenced or suspended, you lose your endorsements entirely. Endorsements per match are limited, with rewards for endorsers and endorsees alike, although Blizzard did not mention what these rewards are exactly.

Looking for group is the second new social feature for Overwatch, and it's basically setting criteria for a group you'd be willing to play with. You can for instance choose two tanks, damage, flanker and a medic as an absolute must for your team, although it's not about forcefully shoving players into groups - it's more about browsing until you find your perfect team.

Overwatch is getting changes to the Horizon Lunar Colony map as well, such as point B will no longer let players attack from the comfort of the defending spawn room. Jeff Kaplan mentioned new lore as well.

Blizzard Symmetra - Overwatch Symmetra - Overwatch

Overwatch has had long standing troubles with actual and mental brats, commonly referred to as toxic players, who often ruin rounds by all sorts of whining and emotional blackmail. Blizzard is aware that the new features may not straight-up fix the problem, but will do well to build the players' social standing over time.

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