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Overwatch's Shanghai Dragons sack coaches and eight players

Published: 16:06, 03 September 2018
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Overwatch League - Shanghai Dragons

Well, there are ways and ways to enter Overwatch's fledgling history books but Shanghai Dragons have managed to do it in a pretty notorious way - with a 0-40 "record", prompting the team to sack eight players along with two head coaches.

That being said, I must admit that I was personally rooting for Shanghai Dragons for most of Overwatch League's (OWL) first season, mostly due to my undeniable love for underdogs in pretty much all sports. Admittedly, I never got what I was , but it was still worth it every step of the way.

Dragons' owners however don't seem to share the sentiment and they've taken to twitter to announce that the team will be rebuilt for the second season of OWL almost from scratch. This includes head coaches Kong and Nai8, who took up the mantle after Wang “RUI” Xingrui left in June 2018.

Just to jog your memory, Xingrui replaced Chen Congshan in March 2018, so it's easy to deduce that the team was plagued by much more than just losses. We've all heard reports of the team practising for 12 hours a day but that was worth very little in the end. After all, getting consistent results, the positive kind, requires consistency throughout the team, which isn't something Shanghai Dragons could boast about.

As for the roster, Altering, Freefeel, Fiveking, Roshan, Xushu, Ado, Sky and Daemin have all been released and are free to find new teams. Most OWL fans are baffled by the release of Ado, who was hands down the best and probably the most consistent player on the team. Rumour has it that he was dead set on leaving and has basically forced his release, but it matters little now.

Shanghai Dragons A glass with Shanghai Dragons logo on it Shanghai Dragons' glass is empty, so look for metaphors elsewhere.

This leaves only Diya, Fearless and Geguri on the Shanghai Dragons roster. With all the misfortunes that the team went through, estimating whether they can serve as a decent backbone of the team is a fool's errand. Here's to hoping they can.

In related news, Blizzard have announced the Season 12 of Overwatch's competitive play so until we see the Dragons try to fly again, we might as well pop some heads. Overwatch's growing population hasn't quite fixed the game's , especially , but Blizzard should find a way.

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Overwatch League - Shanghai Dragons
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