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Overwatch's endorsements system cuts abusive players by 25%

Published: 21:01, 16 July 2018
Updated: 12:38, 19 July 2018
Jeff Kaplan playing Hearthstone
Jeff Kaplan playing Hearthstone

It seems that Jeff Kaplan and the gang were right on the money when they came up with Overwatch's latest systems - endorsements and looking for group, or LFG in short. The numbers are in and it turns out player abuse is down by 25 per cent.

Speaking to fans on Overwatch's official forums, Kaplan said that Blizzard's Global Insights group has crunched the numbers, although at the moment it's only Americas and South Korea. There were quite a few heart wrenching appeals from European players but the real truth of the matter is that EU numbers are still not in.

Jeff and the Overwatch team tracked the percentage of matches that contained abusive chat and percentage of daily players being abusive. Abusive chat actually went down by 26.4 in the Americas, while Korea had a less pronounced dip at 16.4 per cent.

As for the number of daily Overwatch players being abusive, the Americas are again in the lead with a 28.8 per cent drop. South Korea reported 21.5% per cent less abusive players, which is much closer than in the first example.

Blizzard is over the moon with the obvious improvements and it couldn't come at a more perfect time. After all, the company laid all their eggs in the endorsements and LFG basket, both of which were implemented at the start of Overwatch's Season 11 of competitive play.

The Overwatch team said they'll keep working and iterating on the concepts, with fans already giving some constructive criticism on the . It turns out that endorsements aren't available in Arcade Modes such as 6v6 and Mystery Heroes, which should be addressed soon.

There's also some Bastion crying but ain't nobody got time for that, wink wink. I'll just go get my salt shovel real quick.

It turned out that Overwatch's latest addition, the genius hamster called the Wrecking Ball, is headshotable when emoting and it looks pretty funny too. Of course, PETA may not agree. Also, his maiden name Hammond seems to be everyone's favourite - why not just dump the nickname Blizzard?

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