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Overwatch hotfixing will no longer require a client restart

Published: 12:21, 29 August 2019
Newly added Overwatch hero called Hammond or Wrecking Ball

Blizzard recently released another patch for Overwatch but it didn't introduce any drastic balance changes or any new content. It focused on bug fixing but what many will find more important is that hotfixes no longer require a restart.

Overwatch patches tend to change meta or simply scrub problematic builds out when regular balance passes don't do the trick but the latest update was not of that nature.

It consists of several bug fixes and a hotfix quality of life change. The latter pertains to players no longer having to restart the client in order to apply a hotfix since these minor patches will be applied automatically while in-game.

Unfortunately, the didn't say whether these downloads will happen in the background while we are in a match or prompt players to update the client while in menus. If background downloads become a thing, they could cause issues since every millisecond can be important in Overwatch's high octane action.

No one wants to play versus a lagging Hanzo and see them shooting an arrow aimed at the moon itself that somehow registered as a headshot behind the bell on Hanamura. Oh, what am I saying, it's going to happen regardless of Hanzo's latency.

Anyway, there are also plenty of bug fixes. Role Queue Beta produced some problems, such as players not being able to earn achievements or an SR update in case the entire opposing team left the match. Both of these bugs have been squashed according to the patch notes along with the bug that caused AI compositions to be erratic due to role queue and the one that prevented players from choosing a role in Quick Play LFGs.

Blizzard Torbjorn's daughter, Brigitte Lindholm, looking at her godfather, Reinhardt Overwatch - Brigitte Lindholm

Brigitte was recently hit hard with the rework that caused her shield to be as sturdy as a wet tissue but her healing output became more consistent in case she wasn't in the heat of battle. Unfortunately, the added charges on her Repair Pack caused another bug that would award her an assist whenever she used one, regardless of whether an enemy was killed. This has also been fixed.


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