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Go back in time with Uprising - the latest Overwatch comic

Published: 09:55, 06 April 2017
Updated: 10:12, 06 April 2017
Overwatch - Uprising

Uprising is the twelfth Overwatch comic and deals with the events leading up to the fall of Overwatch. In the comic you can see a young Tracer as a cadet and a slew of familiar faces to boot.

Ever wanted to know from whom Tracer got her "Calvary is here" line? 

In the comic, we go way, way back to the time before the King's Row Uprising and find McCree on a vacation in the part of London devastated by the Null Sector. England's Prime Minister is refusing to grant Overwatch the permission to come to London and deal with the crisis caused by an underground extremist group fighting for omnic rights. 

The group has taken a number of hostages and among them is Mondatta. The situation is looking quite bleak, and the Prime Minister is not budging on his decision.

Blizzard Overwatch - Uprising Overwatch - Uprising

Strike Commander Jack Morrison (Soldier:76), Gabriel and Ana are seen discussing the best course of action, and Jack, visibly torn between doing the right thing and good PR, goes to a training facility instead of taking the Director's call in his office. Angela Ziegler and Winston are monitoring a young cadet who is sparring with Genji.

The cadet is Lena Oxton, and she just received her chronal accelerator. After he requests to see cadet Oxton in his office, they have a brief exchange and she persuades him that they should do something to mend the situation in London.

Blizzard Overwatch - Uprising Overwatch - Uprising

From there we go to see a ship being loaded with turrets and a young Torbjörn and Reinhardt. Tracer eventually shows up and Torbjörn says "Looks like the Calvary is here", a line which she takes a liking to right away. 

Written by Michael Chu with art by Gray Shunko, is a great place to start telling the story of the past of Overwatch.  Nothing better than seeing your favourite heroes in their youth. You can take a look at the motion comic .

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