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Overwatch teases new hero as Blizzard explains matchmaking

Published: 08:50, 22 June 2018
Young Winston holding Dr Harold's hand

Blizzard have tweeted a six second video that supposedly teases a new Overwatch hero, even though the trailer leaves more questions than answers. Speaking of answers, the lords of have finally shed some light on OW matchmaking.

If you've seen the photo below, you've pretty much seen the "trailer", because the only thing moving is some smoke. To be fair, Blizzard are masters of smoke and mirrors, although we're yet to see a mirror here.

The general consensus in the Overwatch community is that we'll be seeing Hammond, who's Winston's old friend from Horizon Lunar Colony. If you've watched the Winston animated short, you know he high tailed it from the Moon once apes killed everyone and their grandmothers up there. As the story goes, they're still stuck up there, so it makes sense for Blizzard to pull one back.

Another theory is that Overwatch will be getting the Queen of Junkertown, as the poster on the left probably refers to the Scrapyard on Junkertown. Nevertheless, at this point Hammond is still our best bet. They did put two monkeys there after all. Wouldn't you just love to correct me how gorillas are not apes? I know, right.

Thankfully, after so many fan theories on how Overwatch's matchmaking works, some of them being downright sinister, Scott from the Overwatch team took to the game's forum and spilled the beans. You can find the full post , although we'll try to sum it up for you.

First of all, Overwatch's competitive play does not penalize your SR gains for playing in a group, as some users suggested. Blizzard doesn't inflate player's SR to make matchmaking easier either, as there's plenty of things going on behind the scenes.

Blizzard Screenshot of Blizzard's teaser of a new Overwatch hero Overwatch

If your odds of winning were below 50 percent, Overwatch actually rewards you and vice versa. Ultimately, there's plenty of math there but this example perhaps says it best, "let’s say you play 10 games in a row and all 10 games only have a predicted 40% win rate. If you win 4 of those 10 matches, your SR be the same as it started."


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