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Blizzard may be teasing a new Overwatch hero via Storm Rising

Published: 14:02, 17 April 2019
Updated: 14:10, 17 April 2019
Picture of a mysterious omnic from Overwatch
Overwatch - Storm Rising omnic

Overwatch fans have been expecting Echo to pop up as a hero ever since her appearance on the Reunion Overwatch short but it seems like this will not be the case. The new hero might actually be an omnic, briefly shown in Storm Rising.

Maximilien may have been the initial focus of Overwatch's latest Archives event, Storm Rising, but another omnic has stolen his spotlight in the media. Just in case you didn't play through the co-op mission Storm Rising, we urge you to do so before proceeding to read the rest of this article due to spoilers.

Following Overwatch strike team's apprehension of the said robotic accountant, the screen shifted to Doomfist who was holding a PR monologue to a hooded figure we never saw before. Soon after, the figure removed the hood and revealed itself to be an omnic whose face bore a striking resemblance to Reaper's mask.

Considering Gabriel Reyes was still a part of Overwatch at the time this was happening, it is highly likely the two met and influenced each other following the fall of the global police.

Normally, we would just write this omnic off as another addition that would come to Overwatch a year or so down the line, but Jeff from the Overwatch team himself hinted this may not be the case.

When asked about the future of Overwatch during a livestream, he that Echo, a character introduced in the Reunion short seen above, is not the next hero to join the roster and neither is Sojourn, who was introduced as an Overwatch captain during Storm Rising.

Coupled with the fact that the presentation of the mysterious omnic was held in suspense for the few seconds his face was shown, it could potentially mean that this robot will swoop in and take the next roster spot.

Blizzard Overwatch - Epic McCree skin Overwatch - Epic McCree skin

He doesn't look particularly beefy or in the mood to heal anyone though, so it's quite possible he may not in fact be the next in line. It was announced that Blizzard would focus on support and tank heroes for a while, back when Ashe was released.

Still, the way this omnic was presented leaves no doubt he will play a major role in the future of Overwatch.


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