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Overwatch League will start forcing a team comp to squash GOATS

Published: 23:06, 30 June 2019
Briggite, one of the heroes from Blizzard's co-op shooter Overwatch

Blizzard are seemingly desperate to get rid of the GOATS composition from Overwatch League since they might enforce a 2-2-2 role split. This would put an end to the tank-and-support heavy dive composition that balance couldn't get rid of.

Blizzard folks have been hard at work to get rid of GOATS ever since the composition became so popular that everyone started using it in Overwatch League.

For those unaware, it is basically a pile of tanks and supports that are good at diving the enemy team. Some variations might happen from time to time but the core remains the same with three tanks and three supports.

Blizzard attempted to break the composition for more than half a year but couldn't do it successfully. They nerfed armour, Brigitte, D.Va while buffing damage heroes such as McCree and especially Reaper since the latter is known as the resident tank buster.

After none of these attempts worked, it seems like Blizzard are ready for the ultimate solution - forcing teams to play with two damage dealers, two tanks and two supports. 

According to , this new rule will kick off on 26 July 2019 while pro players have been notified of the change already so they can prepare for it in the coming weeks.

Baek "Fissure" Chan-Hyung confirmed the rumour on his retirement stream. The video is in Korean but 's translation stated that stage four of Overwatch League would enforce the rule.

Having to pick tow DPS heroes will definitely break up the GOATS meta since the frontline will have to give up one of the core mechanics of the build. It will either lose Zarya and D.Va ulti combo or Zarya's bubble on a charging Reinhardt.

Blizzard Overwatch - Legendary Reinhardt skin Overwatch - Legendary Reinhardt skin

Blizzard didn't officially confirm this information yet so take the information with a grain of salt for the moment but after Fissure's statement, there is little to no doubt the developers are shutting down GOATS. 

If the rule change happens, it will be the second time Blizzard did something along those lines, the first time being when they removed the ability to pick more than one copy of the same hero.


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