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Blizzard give out a small update on Overwatch clan system

Published: 18:34, 21 May 2019
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Overwatch clans have been teased at the end of 2018 but Blizzard went radio silent since then. The newest info on the clan system actually comes from Blizzard's Korean Overwatch community manager, Naeri and indirectly from Jeff Kaplan.

Naeri has been posting frequently about Overwatch in the last few weeks due to almost back-to-back events. Archives barely concluded and Anniversary has kicked off at the time of writing. 

Oddly enough, Blizzard didn't tease out all of the new skins that were coming with Anniversary but Naeri did post Mei's Honeydew skin before it was revealed to the wider public.

Soon after that, it appears she took pictures with Jeff Kaplan and had a few words with uncle himself, revealing the upcoming changes for Overwatch. 

The clan system is one of the features that everyone in the community has been buzzing about for more than half a year now but this appears to be the first time anyone spoke about it in an official capacity.

While , Jeff from Overwatch team said the system is still a decent chunk of Blizzard's focus but it is a complex thing to implement so it is not coming anytime soon.

They also talked about rumours of a potential Netflix animated Overwatch series that would be done in partnership with Lego but Kaplan didn't confirm nor deny any of this.

The article itself didn't mention anything about increased profile privacy but it appears that was one of the topic they covered. Players will apparently get additional privacy options in the future, at least according to Naeri's tweet.

Blizzard Wrecking Ball a.k.a. Hammond, last hero added to Overwatch Overwatch, Wrecking Ball a.k.a. Hammond

Kaplan was asked about a potential Nintendo Switch version of Overwatch as well, with one of the reasons to believe this possible being Diablo 3's port. Uncle Jeff denied these rumours though, openly stating that Blizzard is focusing on currently available platforms and no plans are in motion for a Switch port.

On the other hand, it is quite possible Blizzard have their hands full with trying to get the game ready for Xbox and PlayStation's next generation since both consoles will allegedly be shown at E3.

Overwatch, new skins exclusive to Summer Games 2018

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