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Overwatch lets players change skins before match starts

Published: 11:31, 08 February 2018
Genji in Hanamura, surrounded by cherry tree blossom petals, reaching for his sword and making the shush sign
Overwatch - Genji

Overwatch's Year of the Dog event kicks off on 08 February 2018. Along with the new map dedicated to Capture the Flag and the new Legendary skins, Blizzard has added the option to choose a different skin for your hero just before the match starts.

Fashion-forward players will be given an ability to change their hero's skin just before their match starts. Starting on 08 February 2018, all players will get the feature they've been asking for for some time now.

The new skin changing feature will go live on 08 February 2018, along with the . The event will add a new map inspired by Thailand. The map titled Ayutthaya has been developed with Capture the Flag in mind and features two distinct areas. One area is designed to look "ancient" while the other is "bright and beautiful and very modern".

Blizzard Overwatch's logo for the Year of the Dog event Overwatch - Year of the Dog event

Some additional rule changes have been made to Capture the Flag. For one, Blizzard has done away with last year's draw and added sudden death. Sudden death will occur if and when both teams are tied and the clock reaches zero. The mechanic will position the two flags closer together and carry on the game from there.

As far as that "picking the flag up" business is concerned, it will now be instant. Heroes will drop the flag if they use any ability that affects their vulnerability or movement speed. 

Six new legendary skins and a highlight intro will also be added to Overwatch, in celebration of the Year of the Dog.

Overwatch - new epic and legendary skins

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Overwatch - Epic Junkrat skin
Overwatch - new epic and legendary skins

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