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Overwatch: Season 3 ending soon

Published: 13:30, 16 February 2017

Overwatch's third competitive season is coming to an end

Wednesday, 22 February will see the end of season 3 of competitive play in Overwatch, followed by the offseason. The offseason will be in effect for one week, with the season 4 due to start on 01 March at 1AM CET. During the offseason, no Skill Rating will be gained or lost at the end of each match. Same rules apply though. 

As with all seasons, the end of this one will bring sprays and player icons to everyone, and the top 500 get an extra icon, and an additional, animated, spray. Competitive points, used to buy golden weapons, will be awarded this year as well, and the reward system stays the same as in the season 2. The point rewards will be given out on the basis of the maximum tier reached during the entire season.

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