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Overwatch release date for Nintendo Switch revealed

Published: 13:56, 05 September 2019
Sombra looking at one of her holo displays
Overwatch - Sombra

Nintendo's push for ports of high-demand games for Switch continued relentlessly during the last Nintendo Direct when they announced that Overwatch would come to the handheld console on 15 October 2019. Now Hanzo can headshot you on the go.

Overwatch will battle its way into Switch in just over a month after the announcement on Nintendo Direct that happened on 4 September 2019. In case you happen to be interested in purchasing Overwatch on Switch, keep in mind that while the game is indeed always online, you don't necessarily need Nintendo Switch Online membership.

This is due to a deal sweetener worked out by Blizzard and Nintendo which will provide everyone who buys the game with three months of NSO membership. That's plenty for both playing Overwatch as well as enjoying the other features the service has to offer.

Furthermore, if you are aiming to pre-order, Blizzard threw in the exclusive Widowmaker Noire skin that is limited to the pre-purchasing players. If you haven't played Overwatch before, it may be wise to check a few streams and videos out in order to help you decide if the game is for you, before committing to a pre-order.

Should you decide to buy the game, it will actually cost less than on the other consoles - $39.99 / €39.99 / £34.99 as opposed to the full AAA price. It's also the Legendary Edition that brings some additional skins but Blizzard didn't clarify why the Switch version is cheaper just yet or whether it would lead the lower price on the other consoles.

Blizzard Picture of Widowmaker from Overwatch with her Noire skin Overwatch - Widowmaker Noire

All purchases of will have one Golden Loot Box attached to them, until the end of 2019. This loot box guarantees that at least one Legendary item will drop from it, but considering the sheer amount of such skins in the game it could turn out to not be that great.

Then again, it's free stuff you get with the regular purchase and there are 15 other skins that could possibly satisfy the fashionistas' needs. You can check the Legendary Edition skins on the trailer below.


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Overwatch - Oasis

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