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Overwatch reintroduces MVP skin line, for a limited time

Published: 23:26, 11 August 2021
Overwatch - Goat Brigitte
Overwatch - Goat Brigitte

Blizzard unvaulted some skins for a limited time, letting the players purchase any they may have missed during Overwatch League's years.

Vaulting content is basically the practice of creating artificial scarcity that is often applied in video games. Since the content in them is digital, vaulting provides a fictitious sense of rarity, making the products more desirable for the players.

This is the case with many skin lines in Overwatch and one of the "rarest" is the MVP skin line that becomes available briefly, following OWL's season completion. Technically, only one skin is available at a time, made for something competitively significant in the given year.

On August 11, 2021, Blizzard made all the previous MVP skins available at the same time, with the offer ending on August 24, 2021, giving everyone roughly two weeks to acquire desired skins. 

The full list of Overwatch MVP skins available during this time is as follows:

  • Zen-Nakji Zenyatta
  • Flying Ace Winston
  • Goat Brigitte
  • Thunder Doomfist

Probably no one misses the GOATS meta and having Brigitte, the core member of that comp, wearing the horns around might bring back some bad memories. That said, all the skins will cost the usual 200 League Tokens, which translates to 10 USD or EUR, depending on your region.

Overwatch - Malevento map

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Overwatch - new Malevento map - statue

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