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Overwatch players get to practice Competitive in Arcade

Published: 00:08, 16 April 2020
Overwatch - Doomfist Lunar New Year 2020 skin
Overwatch - Doomfist

Blizzard launched the new Overwatch patch which includes Echo as well as a new way to enjoy Competitive with its unique traits and a twist - through Arcade. This should mean less stress and more loot boxes.

Overwatch's competitive side can get a bit stressful due to tilt, especially when one's ranks are on the line. Blizzard are experimenting with something that looks like a less stressful way to enjoy Competitive.

They put it in the Arcade, which features all the oddball modes. It is separate from the regular Competitive mode, which will remain unaffected by this addition.

Competitive Open Queue, as it is called, comes with a twist or two. For example, it uses the regular Competitive Play rules such as hero pools and one-hero limit but it does not have role restrictions or role queues. One might think of it as the retired Competitive which was available before the role queue was introduced.

This mode will remain in Arcade for roughly four weeks which will serve as its season apparently, without affecting the regular rank. So far, the opinions seem to have been split in the community as some are thoroughly enjoying the lower queue times and the more flexible team compositions. Furthermore, it doesn't have the two obligatory tanks which could slow the game's pacing to a crawl.

Others are not satisfied with it, however, due to negative experiences where an entire team would pick damage heroes, with no tanks or supports, and doom the match at the very beginning.

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