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Overwatch mobile is apparently in development alongside OW2

Published: 19:56, 23 March 2021
Updated: 20:01, 23 March 2021

Blizzard didn't announce it officially yet but there are rumours of a mobile version of Overwatch that is supposed to release with the original game's sequel.

Overwatch fans might be in shoes not so different from the ones worn by the Diablo community. The infamous "don't you have phones" moment may be playing in their mind just from the headline alone but the other part might be a bit of consolation.

Namely, when Diablo Immortal was announced, the series fans felt like the rug was pulled from underneath them because they were expecting a Diablo IV announcement and instead they got a preview for a mobile game no one asked for. Diablo IV was announced not long after and that infamous chapter of Blizzard history was somewhat forgotten.

It seems like they learned from the mistakes from that particular BlizzCon and decided not to put the Overwatch fan base through enduring an out of season April's Fools joke as Overwatch Mobile will not be announced on its own.

Overwatch 2 has been announced long ago and we are still waiting for the release date but according to Richard Lewis , Overwatch Mobile was meant to release alongside the sequel for the mainstream platforms.

The Coronavirus pandemic severely affected the productivity of many industries in the world and the work from home seems to have caused delays in Blizzard's schedule, one of them being that of Overwatch Mobile release date.

The good news for OW fans who are waiting for the sequel is that the story of Diablo Immortal will not repeat here and OW2 still seems to hold some sort of priority for Activision Blizzard shot callers.

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