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Overwatch League Week 11: schedule and banned heroes

Published: 15:29, 14 April 2020
Brigitte Lindholm telling Reinhardt not to answer Overwatch's call

Blizzard announced the list of heroes that will be unavailable in Overwatch League Week 11 along with its schedule. Keep in mind these heroes will be disabled in the Competitive mode as well.

Overwatch League Week 11 schedule


  • Atlanta Reign vs Washington Justice (4:00 PM PT)
  • Los Angeles Gladiators vs Los Angeles Valiant (6:00 PM PT)


  • Florida Mayhem vs Paris Eternal (4:00 PM PT)
  • Boston Uprising vs Toronto Defiant (6:00 PM PT)
  • Dallas Fuel vs San Francisco Shock (8:00 PM PT)


  • Chengou Hunters vs Guangzhou Charge (1:00 PM PT)
  • Shanghai Dragons vs Hangzhou Spark (3:00 PM PT)


  • Guangzhou Charge vs Hangzhou Spark (1:00 PM PT)

  • Chengou Hunters vs Shanghai Dragons (3:00 PM PT)

Banned heroes

Dive-happy compositions will be deprived of some of their staple heroes this week as Reinhard and Brigitte will be unavailable. On the more ranged side, Widowmaker and McCree will be unavailable as well but there are plenty of other marksmen to choose from, should the need arise.


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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Overwatch - Oasis

Keep in mind that all four of these heroes will also be unavailable in Overwatch's Competitive mode while they will remain available in Custom, Arcade and Quickplay matches.

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