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Shanghai Dragons have finally won a game in Overwatch League

Published: 15:37, 23 February 2019
Picture of the final score for the match between Shanghai Dragons and Boston Uprising
Overwatch League - Shanghai Dragons vs Boston Uprising

Shanghai Dragons have finally managed to win a game in Overwatch League after a staggering record of consecutive 42 losses, with no wins ever since the league started. This sets them up for a not-so-bad score of 1:2 in the current season.

Would you believe it if someone told that the team with 0-42 record will beat the Inaugural Season's #3 team with an almost clean sweep of 3:1? Probably not, but that is exactly what happened in the matchup between Shanghai Dragons and Boston Uprising.

Technically, Shanghai Dragons' score is just 1-2 this season which is not a bad score, especially since the tide could go either way from here - it is just the start of the season after all. The team that went 0-40 during the Inaugural Season is largely gone by now, with just three members staying with the new roster - Geguri, Diya and Fearless.

What's more, no players from the old roster were present during the face-off with Boston Uprising, while the new main tank, Gamsu, used to be on Boston's roster during the previous season. The series was marked with fantastic plays from DDing on Sombra, whose EMPs often allowed for Gamsu's Earthshatter to catch Boston Uprising flat-footed.

Considering Shanghai Dragons' team composition favoured diving with the likes of Lucio, Zenyatta, Brigitte and Rheinhardt, these openings proved to be shattering blows Boston couldn't recover from. 

While the 3-1 win looks rather neat and quite unbelievable, given Shanghai's previous record, each individual map wasn't a smooth ride for the underdogs. They found themselves trailing 0-2 on two occasions, but managed to turn each map on its head.

Blizzard Sombra looking at one of her holo displays Overwatch - Sombra

Since the first map ended in Dragons' favour, coming back from a deficit in the following two maps ensured their victory as they found themselves leading 3-0. The final map was won by Boston Uprising but that didn't change much as the underdogs found themselves celebrating the first victory alongside the infatuated fans.

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