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Overwatch League reveals details of 2020 postseason and Grand Finals

Published: 11:15, 16 July 2020
Overwatch Playoffs 2020 artwork showing a female hero
Overwatch Playoffs 2020

The Overwatch League have announced the format for 2020 postseason and Grand Finals. Matches will be held online and split between two divisions, with 13 teams playing in North America, and seven in Asia.

Today, we got an official announcement from The Overwatch League regarding the format for 2020 postseason and Grand Finals. 

As expected, 20 teams will have the opportunity to qualify for the postseason competition. All matches will be held online and will again be split between two divisions. 13 teams will play in North America (NA) while seven will play in Asia. 

Seeds and byes will be determined by regular season standings and teams' performances in three the May Melee, the Summer Showdown, and the Countdown Cup tournaments.

The start date for the postseason is set for September 3, with single-elimination play-in matches between the lowest seeds in NA and Asia brackets. Furthermore, double-elimination play will start on September 5, 2020 between teams that win their play-in match.

The remaining lower seeds will then compete with higher seeds in double-elimination tournaments in NA and Asia the following week. 

Overwatch League 2020 photo from the event in North America Overwatch League 2020

Champions of the winners' and losers' brackets in each region will advance to a final four Grand Finals tournament. Those final four teams will compete in a double-elimination bracket, with two teams advancing to the Grand Finals to compete for the league championship. In order to have all four teams compete on the same server, the two North America teams will travel to Asia. 

Before the four finalists can face-off, Overwatch League teams will take a few weeks off for health and safety needs.

Find more about Overwatch League here.

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