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Overwatch - King’s Row Uprising playable bit

Published: 09:31, 05 April 2017
Widowmaker in game
Overwatch - Widowmaker

King's Row uprising event will probably feature a playable component and be the first event in Overwatch which is not real-world related. Widowmaker is getting a legendary skin, and a new hero may be on the horizon.

Overwatch is about to have its own, not real-world related, event with the focus on the events of the "King’s Row Uprising" which took place seven years ago, on 11 April. Recently, Blizzard tweeted a short saying that the file on the King's Row Uprising event, logged seven years ago was to be declassified on 12 April.

Today, the reports of Mr Kaplan saying that the event will have a playable component and that the "players will realise that Blizzard is taking their feedback into account", fuelled the speculation machine a touch more. If this turns out to be the case, and the Kings's Row uprising event ends up having a playable component, that will mean Overwatch has a non real-world related event.

For the first time ever.

Quite a big deal, especially if you take into consideration the fact that Easter is not happening in Overwatch this year. Jeff Kaplan also teased a legendary skin for a certain blue skinned sniper. Granted it was some 22 days ago, but in the AMA Reddit thread, he said soon.

Also, news of a fresh hero have been swirling around the Reddit-sphere. The news broke just weeks after the latest Overwatch hero - Orisa left PTR.

But, Mr Kaplan did state, in that AMA thread again, that they are working on some kind of a documentary on the steps they take on a journey to a new Overwatch hero.

Or as he put it:

So maybe he's talking about a hero documentary and not a new hero per se.

Even if the hero talk is real, it's highly unlikely the hero will drop on 11 April. A much more viable candidate in the "dates" department could probably be the time window between late May or early June.

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