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Overwatch is hosting a Puppy Rumble event on its Twitch channel later today

Published: 17:23, 19 February 2018
Overwatch - Year of the Dog Puppy Rumble logo
Overwatch - Year of the Dog Puppy Rumble

Overwatch is hosting a Puppy Rumble, an event inspired Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl and the game being in the middle of Lunar New Year celebrations. A teaser showing puppies dressed as Overwatch heroes has been shared on the game's Twitch channel.

In order to celebrate the Year of the Dog right, Overwatch is hosting a Puppy Rumble. Each year, the Puppy Bowl - a competition that happens alongside the Superbowl - is hosted by Animal Planet. Puppy Bowl is, of course, better than Superbowl because everyone loves puppies. 

In the Animal Planet's version, rescue puppies battle it out to become the top dog by playing a Puppy version of American football. The event is both adorable and for a good cause, as it raises awareness of rescued puppies that are looking for a new home.

Blizzard A dog in Overwatch's Year of the Dog Puppy Rumble Overwatch - Year of the Dog Puppy Rumble

Overwatch Year of the Dog Puppy Rumble airs today at 23:00 GMT and is available to watch on Overwatch's official .

celebration in Overwatch kicked off on 08 February 2018 and will go on for four weeks. As part of the event, new loot boxes and skins have been added to the game. The Year of the Dog event also brought a brand new map dedicated to Capture the Flag mode that's going to be live during the event. 

Blizzard Junkrat as Beachrat Junkrat for Winter Wonderland 2017 Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2017 - Beachrat Junkrat

When the Lunar New Year patch hit the live game, it brought some changes that were meant for the game's PTR servers. was fixed soon after.

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