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Blizzard are adding Workshop to Overwatch custom modes soon

Published: 23:41, 24 April 2019
Picture of Circus Junkrat skin in Overwatch
Overwatch - Circus Junkrat

Blizzard have announced they will be adding an Overwatch feature called Workshop that will let players get creative by making new game modes and even heroes apparently. It will be useful for both new users and script-savvy people.

Overwatch technically offers custom game modes through the Game Browser already where players can set their own rules but Workshop will expand on that idea. It will not longer just be a place for mirror deathmatch games as Blizzard are giving players more tools to get creative.

One of the most interesting additions that will come with Workshop is a simplified game scripting system that will add new rules to custom matches as well as unique conditions for the game. 

These rules can range from simple movement or ability changes to adding global modifiers such as the burning floor. Adding the latter could potentially mean Overwatch players will get their own version of the floor is lava that was virtually played all over the world even before children were connected via the internet.

This begs the question of whether global rumours like the one with Marilyn Manson and his ribs will be circulating now that the internet made worldwide communication easier than ever.

Back on the topic of the Workshop, it will also let players create their own spins of already existing game modes. For example, Mystery Heroes can be unfair sometimes, giving one team a perfect team comp with tank, healer, DPS and flanker roles covered while the opposing team gets three Genjis, two Sombras and a Zenyatta.

Players will be able to create Mystery Heroes with a custom ruleset, where they could possibly request a minimum of one tank or one healer on a team at any given time which could provide more balance to the game.

Blizzard Picture of the Workshop in Overwatch Overwatch - Workshop

To say the examples we mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg would be an understatement on the scale of saying Activision fired a few people after a year with record revenue. You can check out the preview of all the features Workshop will offer on the  or watch Jeff from the Overwatch team on the video above. 


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