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Overwatch heading into Season 11 of competitive play

Published: 09:53, 02 July 2018
Updated: 11:37, 02 July 2018
Blizzard's newly added Overwatch hero called Wrecking Ball

Overwatch is heading into Season 11 of competitive play, which promises more salt than our ancestors ever mined, especially once Hammond, the genius space hamster, makes the switch from Blizzard's Public Test Realm to the actual "realm".

So, once you're done with your mandatory 10 placement matches, ranking you from 1 to 5,000 SR, you're eligible for a new season of competitive Overwatchin'.

You know placement matches - it's those where everyone seems to be held back by anonymous armies of noobs. Anyway, just completing them earns you a special spray and player icon, unless you end up in top 500, in which case you'll be getting an additional one of each come the end of Overwatch's Season 11.

Jeff and Co promised new rewards to be unlocked in Season 11, which won't be available elsewhere. As usual, we're looking at skins, voice packs and the rest of cosmetics, along with the ever present Overwatch's in-game currency.

It will be interesting to see developments on the meta, since it seems that the dive comp has taken a dive somewhat. Still, with plenty of heroes having been readjusted by the Overwatch team through the season, triple tank compositions look better than ever.

Once Hammond, or Wrecking Ball if you prefer, crosses over from Blizzard's Public Test Realm into the regular Realm, it's likely that we'll see him shake things up. Overwatch fans have already kicked up some dust over Blizzard going for a space rodent, although there are those who seem to be delighted with the little fellow.

is deserving of its name in every respect, except perhaps the burst damage department, of which some players are already complaining about. Nevertheless, once mastered, his mobility is sure to give plenty of teams huge problems, with its mobility and knockback capabilities.

Blizzard Newly added Overwatch hero called Hammond or Wrecking Ball Overwatch

Just in case you're aiming for Overwatch's top 500, you should know that Blizzard requires you to authorise your account via SMS, if you didn't really know that. That way, the Benevolent Eye of Kaplan can always be with you.

Overwatch - new epic and legendary skins

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Overwatch - Epic Junkrat skin
Overwatch - new epic and legendary skins

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